Kiss Me by Fiore
  • Kiss Me by Fiore
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Kiss Me by Artist Fiore Copyright© 2014

FROM THE HEART I've been sitting here listening to the full track... THANK YOU doesn't cover what you've stirred in me... I'm truly blown away, on many levels! ….You are blessed young woman, and you will definitely make your mark on this world... you made one on me, a great one at that! "I'm walking with my head up.. trying to make it from defeat" Girl, you can hit the nail on the head!! "gonna find my way... no more pain today" AMEN HONEY!! I can't wait for the album, honestly. Keep me posted on the progress...... Mihael Overman, Dallas TX

CREDITS Music and Lyrics by: Fiore Arrangement and Production by: Cliff Rawnsley Jr. & Michael Sterling

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